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Yummy Mitt Teething Glove - Various Colours

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The Yummy Mitt is perfect for young babies aged 3-12 months who cannot yet keep hold of a teething toy.  The whole of the top section of the mitt is great for chewing so babies won't struggle to find the right section!
The Yummy Mitt is the First Ever Glow in the Dark Teething Mitt and is ergonomically designed to replicate the natural feel and look of an infant's hand.
  • Package Content - 1 SINGLE YUMMY MITT + 1 LAUNDRY / TRAVEL BAG
More about the Yummy Mitt......
  • Safe, non-toxic glow in the dark feature makes it easy for baby and parents to find at night
  • Stimulates Motor Skills.
  • Secures to baby's hand allowing an infant to provide teething relief to him/herself while simultaneously preventing gagging, need for a constant parental assistance and dropping of the teether.
  • Velcro strap to safely adjust to fit baby's wrist.
  • Absorbent Material inside preventing moisture to child's hand, while absorbing moisture with cotton material on top.
  • Made out of FDA-approved 100% food grade silicone and 100% Cotton. 3rd-party tested & certified for resale in the U.S, Canada, Australia and Europe.


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