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Pack of 3 - Mama’s Notepads

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Mama's... we have a set of notepads just for you!

These 3 pads are super stylish and perfect for busy mums.

- Our Badass Mum's Meal Planner (A6) will have your culinary creations getting rave reviews! Having a plan each day can certainly take the stress out of mealtimes and help you take back control at feeding time!

- With our tear-off Mama's daily planner (A5) you can lay out each day down to the hour, get mealtimes nailed with the handy meal boxes, rejoice in ticking off all those boxes on the to-do list and scribble down any number of other things the full mind of a Mama simply can't fit in.

- Our 'You Got This Mama Notepad' (A6) is perfect for jotting down notes, lists, or simply just scribbling down daydreams and doodles.

Each pad has 50 tear-off sheets

You are rocking it Mama!

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