Baby Teething Mitt FAQ

Is there anything else you need to know? We answered some of our most frequently asked questions below, but if there is something we've missed, just get it touch.

How do I wash the mitt? Our baby teething mitt is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Can I put the mitt in the freezer? We wouldn't recommend putting the mitt in the freezer as it would then be too cold for baby's hand. However, it shouldn't need to be that cold, it is the pressure from biting and the texture on baby's gums that gives baby relief without the need for it to be extra chilled.

I'm worried the mitt will be too heavy for my baby? Our teething mitt is very lightweight. In fact it only weighs 37g (that's as light as a small bag of Malteasers!).

What age range is the teething mitt for? It's aimed at babies between 3 months and 12 months, but we have customers at 9 weeks who have loved the mitt. There is no reason why a younger baby cannot use it.

The mitt seems quite big? Babies clench their fists rather than open their hands like you or I would. Therefore the mitt has to fit those chubby little clenched fists in. My 2 year old still sleeps with his hands's the cutest thing!

Do you do unisex colours? We are excited to have a grey mitt coming in a few months time. If you join our mailing list we'll be sending out an email when they arrive.

How does the mitt fasten onto baby's hand? The mitt fastens with velcro as tight or as loose as is comfortable for baby, just make sure it's not too tight.

Why is the mitt great for younger babies? Younger babies often cannot hold on to toys. The mitt allows baby to keep chewing without dropping it and stops them chomping on the delicate skin on their hands.

Is the mitt safe for my baby? The mitt is 100% safe. It has been thoroughly tested to meet UK and European safety standards. It is free from BPA's, totally non-toxic and made from food grade silicon.

Why is there only 1 mitt in the pack? Babies love to chew on our mitt. So they tend to choose to chew on this rather than their other hand. The mitt is very soft and has lots of textures to explore making it a hit with most babies. 

I don't think my baby will like it? You may be surprised. Babies explore the world with their mouths and tend to be intrigued by it and give it a try. The soft material and textures feel good on their gums, making them such a hit with babies and parents!

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