Reusable Nappies


Our one size nappies are suitable for babies from 10-35lb - approximately 8 weeks old right up to when you start potty training. The popper system on the front of the nappy allows the nappy to grow with your baby. You simply snap the poppers together to make the nappy smaller - as your baby grows, undo them to make the nappy bigger.

Washing instructions:

  • Pre-washing before use helps increase the absorbency of your nappies. 

  • After use, knock any solids into the toilet. Put the used nappy in a nappy bin until wash day.

  • It can help to put the nappies on a cold rinse before washing as this ensures all the solids have been washed away before the washing cycle.

  • Your nappies can be washed at 60°C, although many parents find that 40°C is sufficient.

  • Use your usual detergent. Our nappies are designed to fit in with you, not the other way around!

  • Don't use any fabric conditioner or bleaching agent.

  • Your nappies are best dried naturally, although you can put them on a low setting in the tumble dryer. Natural is best for your nappies and the planet too.

  • If the nappies have been near heat such as the tumble dryer or radiator then don't stuff the inserts back in straight away. The heat can weaken the elastic and cause it to snap.

  • If you do need to use barrier/nappy rash cream, ensure you use a nappy liner.

Why use Reusable?

Are you still undecided about why you should use cloth nappies? Read on for some more information about why we think you should definitely use reusable nappies. 

Better for your baby 

If you had a choice to wear paper or silk knickers, we'd hazard a guess you'd go for silk. Why not choose that for your gorgeous baby too? Our nappies are not silk but they must feel like that to your baby compared to disposables. Lots of cloth bum toddlers are much happier about nappy changes when they choose their own nappy - and guess what? They always choose their reusables. 

Our reusable nappies are made from the softest fabric and are tested to ensure that they have no nasties in them. Many parents switch from single-use to reusables because their little one is suffering with nappy rash - once that little bum is cushioned in cloth, the problem is usually solved. 

Better for your baby's future 

Eight million single-use nappies are thrown away each day in the UK alone. By using cloth nappies, you are not contributing to this huge amount of waste - and by washing your nappies you're using far less water than is needed to manufacture the wood pulp and plastic that goes into a nappy.

And remember it is not all or nothing. Just using one cloth nappy a day saves 900 single-use nappies going to waste.

Better for your bank balance 

Imagine this. Your baby is born and you had to buy all their nappies at once. You have two choices:

Handover £1,200 when your baby was born, for all the supply of disposables you need before they potty train.


Buy 20 reusable nappies for approximately £240, for all the nappies you need before your baby learns to use the potty.  

Which one would you choose if you had to buy up front? 

They look fab! 

Dressing our babies in cute clothing is fun. We love it. Most mums and dads love picking out cool outfits for their little ones. Using Baba+Boo nappies makes choosing nappies part of the outfit too. 

Using a cloth nappy is easy. Trust us! If you need more information then just send an email to



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