Pregnancy Announcements

How did you announce your pregnancy? Telling family and friends (and social media of course) is such an exciting time - we asked you to send us your stories and photos for us to share! Here are some of the best.....

Samantha Coleman shared this poem (grab the tissues).

It doesn't seem a minute, Yet it's been five years today, That I married my best friend, On our summer wedding day.

My life changed for the better, When I became Mrs C, I'd do anything for my husband, And he the same for me.

A family is what we wanted, So we tried and tried, But with each test that was negative, We died a bit inside.

From some we've battled silently. Whilst others have been an ear, Failing to give my husband what he wants has broke my heart throughout the years.

The hospital refused to help, The doctor had no clue, We were done destroying ourself over this, Fed up of feeling blue.

It was time to accept our fate it seemed, We didn't have much luck, So we bought a son and daughter, In the form of Shih Tzu pups.

We accepted our new life ahead, As a doggy Mum and Dad, We looked towards the positives, And tried not to be sad.

So imagine our shock a while back, When a "tummy bug" of mine, Tested positive on a pregnancy test, A surprising two pink lines.

We'd like to announce it to you all, Our miracle, our blessing, our joy, That come January next year, We're expecting a baby girl or boy!




 Here are some more great photos.....



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