Lexi's Journey: Fertility Treatment


Name: Lexi Callaway

Age: 28

Due Date: 13th April

Meet Lexi.......

I am very proud to be a solo mama-to-be & happy to share my story of solo motherhood to raise awareness that this is possible! I am also extremely proud of my body for allowing me to grow and carry a baby after 10 years of being very poorly. 

Lexi's Fertility treatment story: My life-long goal/dream/wish was to become a mummy. For as long as I can remember (from about the age of 10!), my future aspiration was simply to have a family of my own & have a chance to raise a child in this world. I remember standing up in primary school to tell my class that ‘when I am older, I want to be a mummy’; not a pop star, dolphin trainer or artist like my very imaginative friends.. Since then, I have held on to that dream & from as young as 18 years old, looked into becoming a solo mum through fertility treatment.

Due to health problems, it wasn’t right to start fertility treatment for a few years but back in December 2016, I began the search for a treatment centre & visited my doctor for the routine examinations & blood tests needed. In April 2017, I had my first consultation at the clinic & after mandatory counselling, tests & scans began the search for my donor, with the guidance from embryologists & my consultant. In June I had my first cycle of IUI treatment (Intrauterine insemination), which is the most natural form of assisted conception.

My first cycle resulted in a negative pregnancy test & I found it very hard. My second cycle began 2 weeks later, although my head was partly still ‘grieving’ the last cycle. My 2nd IUI was on July 19th in the morning & it all went smoothly. A few days later, I just had a feeling it hadn’t worked which grew stronger & stronger throughout the two week wait. I was absolutely convinced it hadn’t worked & mentally preparing myself for the next cycle. Yet, my little miracle had been growing for those 2 weeks & here I am, an expectant mama to a healthy baby and almost 1/2 way through my pregnancy - dreams really do come true!

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