Lexi - 27 Weeks


27 weeks pregnant!

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2018 & this is the year I first get to lay eyes on my little baby! I absolutely can not wait!

My 40 week pregnancy lands me with a due date in the middle of April, however I’ve recently been told by my consultant, that due to my own health, my c-section will be done at 37 1/2 weeks, which actually gives me a date at the end of March....only 10 weeks away! Exciting!

Not much to report pregnancy wise other than my ‘innie’ has now popped to an ‘outie’ & Bump is now so big (possibly due to the copious amounts of cereal I’m consuming!), bending down is a rather difficult task...who need socks anyway?! I can still see my feet (just about) from standing position, although I doubt that will be for much longer.

I am struggling with my back as my sacroiliac joints are extremely inflamed causing sciatic nerve type pain in my pelvis & down my legs - I can’t deny, pregnancy is not easy, despite being absolutely incredible! I saw I quirky quote this week, “it’s not a waddle, it’s a pregnancy swag”, although I think my walk resembles a more ‘hipster granny swag’ haha!

The most exciting thing since my last update has definitely been decorating & preparing the nursery, & whilst it’s still a ‘work in progress’, it’s already my favourite room in the house. Building the furniture was a challenge but hanging all the baby clothes up in the wardrobe (using my Belo & Me wardrobe dividers to help organise), was just such a highlight! The drawers are starting to be filled with all the baby essentials; nappies, wipes, vests, socks, bibs, towels, lotions & potions etc & of course my Belo & Me Milestone cards, which I’m excited about using to capture all the ‘firsts’ my baby has! This week has also seen another little addition to the family, baby Callaway’s future mousey companion, Walter! A gorgeous soft toy oozing with personality sat waiting in the nursery ready to meet my little sprinkle (you can see him on my Instagram @diary.of.a.british.bump).

I have a few scans coming up as I’m on a multi-scan pathway due to my previous health problems but I only see this as extra time to see my little growing miracle, so I shall keep you updated on that!

Now to go & finish reading bump a story....
We will follow Lexi’s journey throughout her pregnancy with all the highs, lows, exciting times and crazy experiences whilst she waits to meet her baby.


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