Lexi - 22 weeks

22 weeks! Can’t believe I’m over the halfway mark & on countdown. Pregnancy is flying by!

I found out the baby's sex at 16 weeks but decided to keep it to myself for a while.

I told my friends & family following my 20 week anatomy scan...It’s a girl!!!! (with very long legs!)

Best thing I’ve bought so far is most definitely my pram! It is beautiful! An order was placed with the pram showroom at 20 weeks as it’s being made & shipped to the UK by around my 30 week mark. I can’t wait for it to arrive! However, not on such a grand scale but seriously, how cute are baby clothes?! I’ve really enjoyed filling the wardrobe with little vests and adorable sleepsuits....I could stare and admire them all day! 

I’m feeling pretty good at 22 weeks! Bump is growing nicely & little baba is kicking & moving morning, noon & night, which is such a comforting feeling! Still no specific food cravings but I’m finding anything sweet hugely satisfying...not so great for my waistline though! I have developed ‘pregnancy allergies’, apparently quite common, but there’s no way of knowing what I’m allergic to at this point. Calamine lotion is working a treat. All in all, I’m plodding along & loving my little pear shaped bump so much! 

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