Lexi - 18 weeks

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant: Total shock! It was cycle two of my fertility treatment & I was absolutely convinced it hadn’t been a success. I took the pregnancy test (at 6am!) as part of wrapping up cycle 2 ready to prepare myself for cycle 3 & was in absolute disbelief when the test read ‘pregnant 1-2 weeks’. I didn’t even feel the excitement at that point. But it was absolutely the best day of my life up until that point & one I will never ever forget.

How have you felt up to now: It’s been a pretty rocky pregnancy so far with a few big scares, so I think generally I have been quite anxious. I experienced morning sickness, dizziness and food aversions from around week 8 which subsided at 15 weeks.. I also have painful sacroiliac joints in my hips - pregnancy is most definitely not a walk in the park for us women, but knowing you are growing a little baby inside you makes all the horrid pregnancy symptoms so worth it!

Body changes up to now: Well in the last 2 weeks I have got a very small bump, which looks more like a bloat at the moment, but that I absolutely love. My boobs have grown a bit ever since week 7/8 of pregnancy, although I haven’t gained much weight yet and don't look much different....still wearing maternity jeans though as they are super comfy!

How did you announce your pregnancy?: Well my mum knew from the day I took the pregnancy test but I kept the news until 13 weeks until after my combined screening scan to share with close family & friends. A few days later I posted a photo of my scan pics with a ‘due in April’ design on Instagram which was my social media pregnancy announcement & was overwhelmed by the lovely well wishes I received from friends, mums & mums-to-be! At this point, it all still felt like a dream because I couldn’t believe a healthy, wriggly baby was inside me & sharing my dream come true to people was beautifully overwhelming! 

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