Charlie: 24 Weeks

charlie at 24 weeks

How have you been feeling: In terms of my pregnancy I have been okay. There has been a lot of heartburn this time unlike with Florence, and a lot of Braxton Hicks - thankfully not painful ones. I did get a lot of those with Florence though so they don’t panic me, which is good! I have had an awful stomach flu which I don’t recommend at all whilst pregnant, it was pretty nasty. But baby is all well and fine and kicking and moving a lot!

What changes have you seen in your body: I am currently 24 and half weeks pregnant and most of the changes happened quite early on such as a bigger bust. My bump is still pretty tiny but it’s definitely growing every day! One of the things I absolutely love is my good skin and hair. Definitely a bonus!

Have you found out the sex: Yes we have found out the sex. We are having a baby boy! I feel very lucky to have one of each, I was a bit nervous to start as I only know girls but now I am really excited to be having a boy. I am looking forward to seeing the differences in raising one of each sex. We announced it via a video with Florence scratching a card to reveal if it was a boy or a girl!

How have you been getting ready for baby’s arrival: We haven’t done anything for his arrival yet. We were waiting for the 20 weeks mark but then then lots of winter germs invaded our home.  And then of course Christmas kind of snuck up on us so our New Year goals is starting to put things in to place for his arrival. We have briefly talked about how to decorate the nursery, so we are very excited about that task to do in the New Year!

Does Florence realise what is going on: Florence appears to understand some of it, she knows her baby brother or baby ‘brubba’ as she calls him is in my tummy. She randomly comes to lift up my clothes to say ‘I see baby brubba’ and twice she has put her head on my bump and always sings twinkle twinkle little star and baa bas Black sheep which I find complete heart melting! 

We are having serial growth scans as Florence was a very small full term baby so our next one is in early January so hoping everything will be okay growth wise with our little boy! Keeping everything crossed. x

See Charlie's Gender Reveal Video Here

We will follow Charlies journey throughout her pregnancy with all the highs, lows, exciting times and crazy experiences whilst she waits to meet her baby.


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