Charlie's Journey: 20 Weeks

Name: Charlotte Paxman (Charlie)

Age: 32 Years Old

Due date: 2nd April 2018

Baby number: 2 (big sister Florence)

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant: Surprised! It was planned but happened a lot quicker than we ever expected and a lot quicker than it took to conceive our daughter Florence. I always wanted 2 children so I am super excited, but a little apprehensive! 

How have you felt up to now: Morning sickness (all day sickness) is awful! With this baby it's definitely been more manageable though. With Florence it arrived at week 6 and was so intense until week 14-16. It started to ease earlier this time. Other than sickness I don't feel it has been too bad so far! I am much more distracted this time though which takes my mind off things! 

How has your body changed so far: Even though it is my second pregnancy my body is taking its time to show any change. I still don't have a significant bump at 20 weeks, I am super proud of what bump I do have though. I am always astounded how much bigger my boobs get. I usually have bee stings and now I actually have some proper boobs! All of it is a positive change and all part of growing babies!

Any Cravings: I've been totally craving sausage rolls, which is completely out of character as I never normally eat much meat (if any). My friends and family find this hilarious!

How is this pregnancy compared to last time round: Generally I am much more mentally and physically distracted this time - so in some respects it is easier but in others it's slightly harder as you still have to keep up with your first child. Overall I find this pregnancy easier than last time as I have a lot less anxiety and I feel stronger in every way.

I am trying to savour and enjoy this pregnancy and embrace everything, as I am 99% sure we are complete as a family once this baby arrives. Of course I just need to persuade my husband that a dog would be a good addition next, and that's going to take some convincing!

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We will follow Charlies journey throughout her pregnancy with all the highs, lows, exciting times and crazy experiences whilst she waits to meet her baby.



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