Belo's Little Stars

You love to take photos and videos of your little ones. And we need photos of our products. 

So let's combine the 2!

Send your photos and videos over to and for each one WE USE on our social media or website you will receive:

  • Photos: 1 point per photo that we use
  • Videos: 5 points for every video that we use

We are looking for:

  • Photos: clear, uncluttered, in focus photos of your little one using our product. OR our product in a flat lay, shown in your nursery or in any way that shows off our product, that will ultimately make customers want to buy!
  • Videos: unboxing videos, videos explaining how to use the product, review videos, and videos of your little one using the product. 

When you get to 10 points you will receive a £10 voucher for the website. 

So email over any photos and videos you have along with your full name so we can keep a record of points. 

So, come on, get snapping and recording. Because points make prizes!


  • Images and photos must be usable. This means, in focus, uncluttered and shows the product in it's best possible light. 
  • If the product doesn't look good then we will not use the photo 
  • Your points will be recorded and when you get to 10 we can either send you the voucher code or you can keep adding to them
  • Photos and videos must have a significant difference. Please do not send 10 photos in the same setting unless they look different. 




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