3-6 Months

If some little teeth haven't yet made an appearance then this is the time that those peggies are going to start causing baby (and you) some grief. Make sure you have your teething products handy for when the time comes. Our Baby Teething Mitt is perfect for younger babies that can't keep hold of a teething toy yet, but it is also just the thing for little hand biters who make their fingers red raw and chapped. Take a look and see what you think.... any questions, just ask (we don't bite).

Whilst you are here take a look at our 'teething info' page to see the symptoms of teething, when those naughty teeth are likely to pop through and what you can do to help soothe your teething baby.

You can also read our blog post '8 annoying things that are still not as bad as teething!'

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