What is motherhood?

Being a mum looks different to everyone.

For me?

Being a Mum is wiping snot, kissing boo boos, and cleaning bums

Being a Mum is witnessing a first smile, first steps, first words, first 'I love you'

Being a Mum is holding hands through the cot bars until they fall asleep

Being a Mum is sleepless nights, crying babies, grumpy toddlers and being too tired to function

Being a Mum is also being a cook, a cleaner, a taxi, a bank, a best friend, an organiser, an argument diffuser and their biggest cheerleader

Being a Mum is cooking a fabulous meal which they won’t eat and instead ask for cereal

Being a Mum is soft play and parks and 'just one more swing'

Being a Mum is hiding in the bathroom pretending you need the toilet

Being a Mum is telling my kids that the ice cream man has run out of ice cream

Being a Mum is letting my little girl pull my hair out because she is learning to do a plait

Being a Mum is hiding in the kitchen eating biscuits

Being a Mum is being encouraging and supportive and allowing them to follow their dreams

Being a Mum is lying awake at night worrying about not being good enough

Being a Mum is being bad cop, good cop and every cop in between

Being a Mum is showing them how to be kind and thoughtful and praying they grow up to be a good person

Being a Mum is laughing and crying and laughing some more, hurting when they hurt and smiling when they smile

Being a Mum is worry and anxiety and praying they stay safe every minute

Being a Mum is constantly learning to be a better mother and a better person and passing that on to them

Being a Mum is being strong and resilient and taking the harsh words that are thrown at you

Today being a mum is chasing my little boy round the room whilst he poos on the floor

Today being a mum is just needing a minute

Tonight, being a mum will be sleeping next to a wriggly little girl so I can give her her inhaler when she wakes up struggling

Motherhood is different things to different people

My Motherhood is hard

My Motherhood is my everything



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