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Twin Stuff

Statistics show that twin pregnancies have been on the rise in the last years. That said, it pays well to know what it’s really like when you’re expecting twins. Not only is it different compared to a singleton pregnancy, studies also suggest it can be potentially dangerous to expectant moms. But, this shouldn’t be cause for alarm just yet, especially for pregnant women who are equipped with enough information about twin pregnancy.

At the outset, we already know how a twin pregnancy can cause you to grow bigger and heavier. But, that is not only the case. You will also experience heightened symptoms such as stress, fatigue, and morning sickness. This infographic explores a twin pregnancy in-depth for the benefit of all expectant moms out there.

To start, this infographic outlines a week-by-week guideline on your journey to delivery. It tells you about how the embryo develops, how your body changes, as well as its effects. On top of that, it also shares some tips and advice on how to better take care of the babies and yourself.

Indeed, a twin pregnancy is a double blessing. But, it also doubles almost everything. While the whole experience will not exactly be the same as other pregnant women in the world, this infographic will nonetheless give you an overview of practically everything you have to know about being pregnant with twins. Read on to know more.


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