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Top tips for the nesting mummy-to-be

Congratulations you’re going to be a Mummy!

Do you suddenly have the urge to clean out the garage and rearrange the kitchen cupboards? Yep – I did!

If you have suddenly started wanting to organise your home (and your life) then it’s safe to say you are NESTING! 

Nesting actually is a real thing! Birds do it, animals do it (apparently) and us human’s do it in pregnancy. Its nature’s way of helping us feel confident and ready to protect, nurture and welcome baby into our home. The nesting instinct usually occurs towards the end of pregnancy and is believed to come about due to a combination of adrenaline and hormones. 

 So here are our top tips for any nesting mum-to-be!

  1. Stock your freezer.

Once baby comes one of the hardest things to do is cook. Precook some big batches of your favourite meals and freeze them. When baby number 2 arrived, I cooked a lovely meal that first night. Then on day 2 shit got real and I don’t think I touched the oven again for a while! Poor child number 1!

  1. Set up the nursery.

Ok so I know baby doesn’t know if their cot isn’t built and probably won’t be in their own room for around 6 months anyway – but it will make you feel so much better. We’re often compelled to make baby’s room perfect for when they come home. So, get the wardrobes and changing tables built – by that I obviously mean get someone to do it for you whilst you supervise - with your feet up. Check out our cute nursery prints, they make a lovely addition to the walls!

getting organised for baby

  1. Go shopping

Buy some nice comfy outfits for your time at home with baby. But be sure to stock up on nursing bras and easy access tops for both day and night if you are choosing to breastfeed too.

  1. Do your washing

When baby arrives, you will have an endless pile of baby grows and blankets so make sure you make your way to the bottom of your washing basket now before your bundle of joy comes along.

  1. Organise baby’s clothes.

I’m sure you have gone crazy and bought way more than you need, and have an array of clothing in assorted sizes – and probably got even more at your baby shower and even more hand me downs from your sister-in-law. Now you just need to organise them.

Do you need to wash them? Well, no not really. But if it makes you feel better then go for it. Just make sure you use a non-bio soft detergent. Then of course, you can use our WARDROBE DIVIDERS to arrange them neatly in your nursery wardrobe.

baby wardrobe dividers

  1. Prep your essentials but don’t go crazy

Don’t overbuy and get your purse out for everything you could possibly ever need for baby. Until they arrive and you actually know what you need it’s probably best to try to supress the urge to splurge. I bought so many cute outfits that didn’t get worn – mine both lived in sleepsuits and vests for the first couple of weeks at least. I bought tons of breast pads (because I’m a sucker for 3 for 2 in Boots!) and my boobs didn’t leak so I didn’t need them. Yes, babies go through millions of nappies and creams and clothes – but all supermarkets are 24 hours so just don’t panic buy things you may not need!

But while the urge to scrub and rearrange your whole house may be strong, give yourself a break and make some time for you! Get a manicure and a pregnancy massage, cook some nice meals, see friends and watch a box set or 2!

And let’s face it – baby doesn’t know if you’ve emptied out the garage or not!

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