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The blessings and curses of pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences that any woman can have in life. Women who have had the absolute privilege of carrying a child know exactly what I mean. The ability to become pregnant and look after a baby in your womb as it develops into a fully functioning human is one of life’s biggest miracles. For all the blessings of pregnancy it is not, however, without its struggles.

The blessings and curses of pregnancy

The most obvious blessing of pregnancy is the promise of a new life that it means. There is nothing more special than seeing a new baby coming into the world, and women are the ones that get to provide the perfect atmosphere for the unborn child to grow in a safe and warm place. Pregnancy allows a woman to share months of intimacy with her baby before he or she gets to interact with any one else in the world. That's a pretty special time of bonding that mums-to-be and their baby get.

Some of the best blessings of pregnancy are not as serious, but are still so enjoyable. For example, pregnant woman seem to be adored and looked after wherever they go. Pregnancy makes you everyone's best friend! Suddenly doors are being opened, heavy things are being lifted, and yummy food is being prepared for you. My advice... take full advantage of the attention people are giving you while you can!

For women who love shopping, pregnancy has its obvious benefits. Not only do you have an excuse to spend time scouring the internet to create the perfect nursery for your new baby, but you also get to shop for new clothes for yourself (i'll admit there is not exactly rafts of choices, but at least you get a few new outfits! And you will live in those maternity jeans for months after because they are SO comfy). Pregnancy allows the shopper in you to get practising... because we all know that babies need a lots of stuff. So, enjoy it while you still have an excuse to blow some cash! 

As you get further on in your pregnancy, the babies kicks and wiggles become something of an amazement. I don't understand how a baby fits inside your tummy, never mind do the acrobatics that they seem to love. Make sure you have your phone at the ready when baby starts to wriggle around like an alien trying to escape.... you'll want to capture those moments! 

While the experience of pregnancy is something to be loved very much, I would be lying if I said it was a walk in the park. Pregnancy definitely has its downfalls. Very few women make it through pregnancy without sickness or being frustrated over the obvious weight gain that happens. Sleep doesn’t always come easily with a baby growing and moving inside of you, nor is it always easy to keep up with the demands of life when all you want to do is rest. Get sleep while you can, relax, and prepare for the next chapter!

Whatever hard things come with pregnancy, I guarantee you that nothing can outweigh the joy and privilege it is to be a part of bringing a new life into the world.

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