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Making Room – The Big Nursery Project (Fatherhood Series - Part 6)

Author: Iain Schofield

Preparing the nursery is a big step. You’ve been working hard to come to terms with the news and this is another big step on the road to acceptance. Suddenly, you’re creating an entire room for someone: someone who will soon be occupying said room. Expect to stand staring at the finished nursery sweating, both from the effort of decorating and the panic inducing connotations of this final preparation.

Making room - the big nursery project

But What’s The Theme?

Now, before you start decorating any room there is always the colour scheme debate. All of a sudden, when you’re decorating the nursery, you also have a theme to worry about. A strange and perplexing concept, the theme will likely influence a good deal of the rooms’ layout, furnishings and paintwork. Apparently, ‘babies nursery’ does not constitute a theme. In the end, with a guiding hand (around the back of my head), we settled on bears and the woods.

Getting Artistic

One does not simply paint the walls of a nursery (insert Sean Bean meme). The aforementioned theme will likely demand elegant and artistic expression. In our case, this required an eye-watering four paint colours! I lucked out, my wife is great at this sort of thing. We ended up with a mountainous landscape complete with snow-capped peaks, pine trees and the occasional hot-air balloon. I know what you’re thinking, what about the bears? Don’t worry, an entire wall was set-aside for what I can only describe as a shrine to the humble bear. Representatives from all the major species are in attendance. All in all, this took us two days. Two whole days of painting.

Filling the Void

Two days of painting left us with a fully themed, but empty looking nursery. A trip to our favourite meatball and furniture peddler was in order. We went with a small list and a handful of measurements. In the main, we did okay. We didn’t argue, which is always a bonus, and everything fit in the car.  All in all, a successful trip. That afternoon, and much of the following day, was spent assembling/mounting the various bits and pieces. We have a small house, so we focused most of our attention on storage solutions. I put up some nice shelving, (without any disasters), and we got a little wooden house for toys/books/teddies. The rest of the shop was made up of innumerable little bits and pieces that play a quiet supporting role in the smooth running of the nursery space. My favourite purchase, a big stuffed elephant.

getting organised for baby

In getting the nursery ready, we weren’t suddenly prepared, far from it. But filling the void, adding shelves and filling them with books and teddies was a wonderful feeling. It made everything feel more real than ever, but also more fun. All of a sudden, I wasn’t thinking of all the scary stuff, I was thinking of the exciting stuff. Reading books to my son, playing with teddies and spending time together. Suddenly, I was stood looking at a proper little room for a proper little person-to-be.

And suddenly, I was happy.

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