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Lexi's pregnancy journey: from fertility treatment to baby girl


Name: Lexi Callaway

Age: 28

Due Date: 13th April

Meet Lexi.......

I am very proud to be a solo mama-to-be & happy to share my story of solo motherhood to raise awareness that this is possible! I am also extremely proud of my body for allowing me to grow and carry a baby after 10 years of being very poorly. 

Lexi's Fertility treatment story: My life-long goal/dream/wish was to become a mummy. For as long as I can remember (from about the age of 10!), my future aspiration was simply to have a family of my own & have a chance to raise a child in this world. I remember standing up in primary school to tell my class that ‘when I am older, I want to be a mummy’; not a pop star, dolphin trainer or artist like my very imaginative friends.. Since then, I have held on to that dream & from as young as 18 years old, looked into becoming a solo mum through fertility treatment.

Due to health problems, it wasn’t right to start fertility treatment for a few years but back in December 2016, I began the search for a treatment centre & visited my doctor for the routine examinations & blood tests needed. In April 2017, I had my first consultation at the clinic & after mandatory counselling, tests & scans began the search for my donor, with the guidance from embryologists & my consultant. In June I had my first cycle of IUI treatment (Intrauterine insemination), which is the most natural form of assisted conception.

My first cycle resulted in a negative pregnancy test & I found it very hard. My second cycle began 2 weeks later, although my head was partly still ‘grieving’ the last cycle. My 2nd IUI was on July 19th in the morning & it all went smoothly. A few days later, I just had a feeling it hadn’t worked which grew stronger & stronger throughout the two week wait. I was absolutely convinced it hadn’t worked & mentally preparing myself for the next cycle. Yet, my little miracle had been growing for those 2 weeks & here I am, an expectant mama to a healthy baby and almost 1/2 way through my pregnancy - dreams really do come true!


18 Weeks

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant: Total shock! It was cycle two of my fertility treatment & I was absolutely convinced it hadn’t been a success. I took the pregnancy test (at 6am!) as part of wrapping up cycle 2 ready to prepare myself for cycle 3 & was in absolute disbelief when the test read ‘pregnant 1-2 weeks’. I didn’t even feel the excitement at that point. But it was absolutely the best day of my life up until that point & one I will never ever forget.

How have you felt up to now: It’s been a pretty rocky pregnancy so far with a few big scares, so I think generally I have been quite anxious. I experienced morning sickness, dizziness and food aversions from around week 8 which subsided at 15 weeks.. I also have painful sacroiliac joints in my hips - pregnancy is most definitely not a walk in the park for us women, but knowing you are growing a little baby inside you makes all the horrid pregnancy symptoms so worth it!

Body changes up to now: Well in the last 2 weeks I have got a very small bump, which looks more like a bloat at the moment, but that I absolutely love. My boobs have grown a bit ever since week 7/8 of pregnancy, although I haven’t gained much weight yet and don't look much different....still wearing maternity jeans though as they are super comfy!

How did you announce your pregnancy?: Well my mum knew from the day I took the pregnancy test but I kept the news until 13 weeks until after my combined screening scan to share with close family & friends. A few days later I posted a photo of my scan pics with a ‘due in April’ design on Instagram which was my social media pregnancy announcement & was overwhelmed by the lovely well wishes I received from friends, mums & mums-to-be! At this point, it all still felt like a dream because I couldn’t believe a healthy, wriggly baby was inside me & sharing my dream come true to people was beautifully overwhelming! 

22 Weeks

22 weeks! Can’t believe I’m over the halfway mark & on countdown. Pregnancy is flying by!

I found out the baby's sex at 16 weeks but decided to keep it to myself for a while.

I told my friends & family following my 20 week anatomy scan...It’s a girl!!!! (with very long legs!)

Best thing I’ve bought so far is most definitely my pram! It is beautiful! An order was placed with the pram showroom at 20 weeks as it’s being made & shipped to the UK by around my 30 week mark. I can’t wait for it to arrive! However, not on such a grand scale but seriously, how cute are baby clothes?! I’ve really enjoyed filling the wardrobe with little vests and adorable sleepsuits....I could stare and admire them all day! 

I’m feeling pretty good at 22 weeks! Bump is growing nicely & little baba is kicking & moving morning, noon & night, which is such a comforting feeling! Still no specific food cravings but I’m finding anything sweet hugely satisfying...not so great for my waistline though! I have developed ‘pregnancy allergies’, apparently quite common, but there’s no way of knowing what I’m allergic to at this point. Calamine lotion is working a treat. All in all, I’m plodding along & loving my little pear shaped bump so much! 

27 weeks


It's a new year and the year I first get to lay eyes on my little baby! I absolutely can not wait!

My 40 week pregnancy lands me with a due date in the middle of April, however I’ve recently been told by my consultant, that due to my own health, my c-section will be done at 37 1/2 weeks, which actually gives me a date at the end of March....only 10 weeks away! Exciting!

Not much to report pregnancy wise other than my ‘innie’ has now popped to an ‘outie’ & Bump is now so big (possibly due to the copious amounts of cereal I’m consuming!), bending down is a rather difficult task...who need socks anyway?! I can still see my feet (just about) from standing position, although I doubt that will be for much longer.

I am struggling with my back as my sacroiliac joints are extremely inflamed causing sciatic nerve type pain in my pelvis & down my legs - I can’t deny, pregnancy is not easy, despite being absolutely incredible! I saw I quirky quote this week, “it’s not a waddle, it’s a pregnancy swag”, although I think my walk resembles a more ‘hipster granny swag’ haha!

The most exciting thing since my last update has definitely been decorating & preparing the nursery, & whilst it’s still a ‘work in progress’, it’s already my favourite room in the house. Building the furniture was a challenge but hanging all the baby clothes up in the wardrobe (using my Belo & Me wardrobe dividers to help organise), was just such a highlight! The drawers are starting to be filled with all the baby essentials; nappies, wipes, vests, socks, bibs, towels, lotions & potions etc & of course my Belo & Me Milestone cards, which I’m excited about using to capture all the ‘firsts’ my baby has! This week has also seen another little addition to the family, baby Callaway’s future mousey companion, Walter! A gorgeous soft toy oozing with personality sat waiting in the nursery ready to meet my little sprinkle (you can see him on my Instagram @diary.of.a.british.bump).

I have a few scans coming up as I’m on a multi-scan pathway due to my previous health problems but I only see this as extra time to see my little growing miracle, so I shall keep you updated on that!

Now to go & finish reading bump a story....

32 weeks

32 +4 weeks pregnant & only 4 weeks left to go due to an early c-section. Excited is an understatement!

Last Sunday I had the most beautiful Baby Shower with close friends & family for afternoon tea & giggles, where I was literally ‘showered with love’. We all cooed over the cute baby gifts & my mama friends/family shared their stories & advice. It was lovely & made me realise how lucky my baby already is to be surrounded by such special people. 

Time is still flying by although my body is now beginning to find this whole pregnancy journey a rather painful struggle as I am breathless & exhausted most of the time...probably not helped by the pregnancy anaemia I’ve recently developed. Braxton Hicks are a regular occurrence now & after a very painful bout of them making me confuse them for early labour, my priority now is get my hospital bags packed & ready! I’m also officially on maternity leave so the next few weeks are all about REST! The nursery is done, the baby clothes washed & ironed & car seat fitted so I have nothing to do but take some ‘self care’ time for bump & I before the big day! My next update will most probably be as a mummy with a newborn! Eek!

6 weeks new

6 weeks new! I’m typing this at 4.15am during a night feed, so yes, a LOT has happened since I last wrote here! My beautiful baby girl, Aszouri, was born at 36 1/2 weeks on Tuesday 20th March at 9.51am via c-section, which was incredible as I watched her coming out! She weighed 5lbs 11oz of perfection & my heart almost exploded with love. It’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks; time is flying by far too fast, but Aszouri is thriving & now almost 8lbs! She loves her food & sleep & is just starting to spend periods awake where she’s alert. She loves looking at lights & mummy.

I am recovering really well. The c-section was amazing & I was up & about after 6 hours, feeling normal by 2 weeks & back driving at 3 weeks. It almost feels a distant memory now. I am loving new mama life & trying to soak up every second of newborn yumminess (because I pretty sure in a blink of an eye she’ll be at university!).

I’m loving my Belo & Me wardrobe dividers because Aszouri has already outgrown her newborn clothes (she’s got long legs & big feet- haha!) & has been spoilt by friends & family with lovely clothes for when she’s a bit bigger, so having her clothes organised by size is really helpful! I’m looking forward to using the Belo & Me Mama Day Planner this week because we are starting to attend baby groups, so it will be useful planning her feeds & medication (sadly she’s got silent reflux) as well as making notes of activities & schedules!

I have started blogging life as a solo mama by choice, as I survive motherhood & all it entails. My blog is at: or my instagram is @diary.of.a.british.mama

Thank you for following my pregnancy journey.... Hello motherhood!”

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