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Circus Mums Review

It’s lovely when you’re sent a product that ends up not only being totally useful but quite beloved. The day after I came home from hospital with Bob, I went over to our next door neighbour’s. They’d had Princess during our labour, and she’d spent the night. We also thanked them for looking after her and picked up a parcel which had been left there for us by our awesomely friendly postman. Inside the parcel were baby milestone cards and baby wardrobe dividers from Belo + Me. I couldn’t wait to put them to use!

Belo and Me Milestone Cards

Of course, the new baby took priority. It was nearly a week before I sat down properly and went through the milestone cards. My first impressions were that the quality of the card and print was really lovely. Attractive to look at, I couldn’t wait to pop Bob down at one week old and use the second milestone card. I’d missed out on the hello world, day one card as I’d been in a baby fog. Honestly, it was a massive win that I’d showered at least once a day that first week. Milestone cards would have been a luxury. To be honest, prior to having Bob, they weren’t something I’d considered to be ‘me’. Funny how babies change you though isn’t it? I never expected to spend a day sat on a bag of frozen peas or sticking maternity pads in the freezer either, but there you go – another change thanks to babies!

baby milestone card

There’s space to write on the back of each milestone card. It means, not only are they fab for taking pictures with, but they’re actually a unique way of creating a memory box. What could be an easier way to capture those precious moments? Whilst it’s still fresh in your mind, snap and then write!

It took me a while to put up the wardrobe dividers. After my friends and family had visited in the first week or so, all bearing gifts of clothing, the clothes dividers for the baby’s wardrobe became not just a nice to have but an essential.

baby wardrobe dividers

Belo and Me baby wardrobe dividers

It’s bloody hard keeping on top of all the baby grows and pretty outfits. I didn’t want to miss out on a chance to use any because of not being organised. Some items hadn’t come with hangers so I ordered some from Amazon. Then, one day when Bob was busy laying on her Daddy’s chest, I went upstairs and hung up her gorgeous clothes.

The dividers fit perfectly on the rails (the same can’t be said for the pink hangers I’d bought) and made organising the baby clothes a breeze. I can clearly see what I have for now and what outfits are still too big.

I think Amazon knows me well. They’ve recommended the Belo and Me wardrobe dividers on my last few visits to the site. If I didn’t already have them, I’d be tempted to buy them for myself. In fact, I’ve got quite a few friends and family having babies in the next few months, I might just buy some for them. Knowing how useful I’ve found them, the least I can do is share the love!

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