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Any Signs?

Author: Charlotte Barker

So, I'm 40 weeks +12 days.

What's gone wrong? Why isn't baby here? Did they not get the memo?

Plans have been made round this date! I've wasted a month of maternity leave and i'm going to have no time with the baby (STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!)

I’m pleased to say this crazy behaviour and these naive thoughts didn’t last long. I’ve quickly accepted that baby will come when they want to come (let’s face it, they will be calling the shots for the foreseeable future anyway).  So instead of stressing, I have used the extra time to my advantage. I have sorted the house, sorted everything for baby and MOST importantly I've sorted my head.

So our house and the people in it have accepted that we are going to wait for baby and enjoy the time before they get here.

So one question.....


organise babies clothes

Phone calls, text messages, carrier pigeons and smoke signals!  Any way the question can be asked, it has been. Over and over again.

Any signs?

These are literally the only 2 words I get asked now. When I wasn't so far 'overdue' people would at least try and make small talk.  How are you? How are you feeling? What have you been up to? Now they are bored, they are apparently sick of waiting so much that their fingers can't type any more. so just Any Signs? That’s all.

I realise this must be very hard for OTHER PEOPLE (eye roll)

So yes, I do have a sign for you. It's a V sign that you make with 2 fingers and it comes with 2 words attached...........Peace Out!

So, to these people. I know that you are only concerned, but please have some patience and when I say I'll let you know, believe me, that I will fill you in when baby is here. You won't miss out on anything. This kind of is a selfish time and I'm not going to apologise for that. Me and plus 1 have lived through every bit of this pregnancy and it really is our time.

So chill out and relax. If we can, then you can! We will let you know when you need to know, in the meantime - Peace Out!

mum to be gifts and baby shower gifts

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