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50 Uses For A Muslin Swaddle

As mums we carry way too much stuff around with us. Lots of it; JIC (just in case). Most of it; never used!

However, there is one thing that stays pride of place in that humongous baby change bag... the hand bag staple, the god of all accessories, the one thing that you can’t live without. The muslin swaddle!

So, you’ve probably guessed that I think muslins are a genius idea. A must have accessory when you have a baby. But these versatile pieces of cloth are not just the perfect baby bag essential, there are many many more uses for them.

50 Uses For A Muslin Swaddle

So here goes the list:

  1. Let’s state the obvious first - to swaddle a baby
  2. A nursing cover
  3. A Breast feeding cover
  4. A sick moper upper
  5. A burping cloth
  6. You can use it on a changing mat when the mat is too cold
  7. You can use it on a changing mat to soak up the inevitable wee’s that you don’t notice until it’s too late
  8. A play mat
  9. A light blanket
  10. A comforter
  11. A towel
  12. A sunshade
  13. A Pram cover
  14. A hat/bandana
  15. A extra large bib
  16. A duster (as it doesn’t leave annoying bits everywhere)
  17. A wash cloth
  18. To cover the car seat on hot days to keep it cool for when baby gets in
  19. Car window sun shade
  20. Nose blowing/wiping
  21. A bandage in an emergency
  22. A sling in an emergency
  23. A cover for a changing mat in a public toilet
  24. Shine your shoes
  25. Make cheese
  26. Get the excess water from vegetables
  27. Make jam
  28. Squeeze lemons
  29. Create diy tea bags
  30. A photo backdrop
  31. Use as a tea towel
  32. Trolley seat cover: for when the only trolley left has been left out in the rain.
  33. A very very emergency nappy
  34. A cold compress
  35. Scarf
  36. Sweat band
  37. Beach cover up
  38. Hair towel
  39. Head band/bow
  40. Table cloths
  41. Floor picnics
  42. Bag - think Winnie the Pooh
  43. Hot sand protector
  44. For playing peek a boo
  45. Hiding games with baby
  46. A mini parachute (the kids game not an actual life saving device)
  47. Playing ‘don’t step on the lava’
  48. A dishcloth
  49. To remove nail varnish if you have no cotton wool
  50. Use as bases for ball games

So that is 50 brilliant and entirely possible uses for a muslin swaddle. I am sure the list could go on forever.

So there you have it... muslins are the best value baby product you will ever buy. The think you will definitely use the most and never want to be without! You can find ours here!

muslin swaddle uses

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