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Helping you through the early years

Welcome to Belo & Me

Belo + Me is here to help you and your little one through the first years, with products designed to make early stage parenting a little bit easier!

Being a parent is amazing, we actually think it’s pretty much the best thing ever, but it can also be hard. Just know you’re not alone, we all need help from those around. So while you’re here, take a look at our blog where you can find advice, top tips and random ramblings from those who’ve been there, done that and got the snot-covered, food-stained, slobber-drenched t-shirt! 

Teething Symptoms + Advice

It's official. Teething sucks. It can be a distressing time for mummy and daddy as well as your little one. Teething symptoms can hugely vary from baby to baby, and those little peggies can make an appearance at a different time for each baby. Take a look at our guide to teething and see what you can do to help. READ MORE

Become a brand ambassador

Are you a mum on maternity leave looking for extra income, or do you run a parent and baby class and are looking for an exciting new addition to your business?

Belo + Me are on the hunt for brand ambassadors to help us expand our reach and increase our sales. If you're surrounded by pregnant or new mums on a regular basis then you could be the person we are looking for!


A Surprise Arrival

When you reflect back, it’s incredible how your most profound moments unfold. It’s not like a movie. There is no foreboding score to imply impending action. The craziest days often open with the mundane. This was a Monday. We headed our separate ways and started work. READ MORE

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Made for Mums | Best Baby Teethers

Our Belo Teething Mitt has made it onto the Made For Mums list of best baby teethers!

Good teethers provide comfort and relief for your baby when those little peggies are starting to come through. Made for Mums have highlight the best teethers as tested by their parents. READ MORE

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